The Benefits of working with Community Connect, Inc.

We achieve our mission through the development and collaboration of community partners, standardized industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking, regulatory collaboration, target marketing in social media and proactive identification of culture trends and organization security threats.



Protects the members by

  • Not exchanging or selling business contacts to unapproved organizations.

  • Blind copy emails (unless circumstances require contact information to be displayed or shared).

  • Having increased virus protection and company computers.

  • Requiring a background screening check on all new business partners.

  • Staying updated with state and federal regulations as required by nonprofit organizations.

  • Upholding state and federal business laws and regulations.



Provide networking events

One of the prime advantages of a Community Connect, Inc. membership is the opportunity to attend the corporation’s annual conference.

 Attended by multiple local business partners and industry professionals.This events provide a unique networking opportunity and the chance to listen to and discuss the latest issues affecting your industry and community.You will have the opportunity to get involved in practical workshops addressing business issues and potentials.

Presentation topics include:

  1. Upcoming community events

  2. Industry changes

  3. Business security techniques

  4. Technology updates

  5. Presentations by community partners

  6. Financial Updates

  7. Community Connect, Inc. progress reports by the Board

Updates from DBAs of CCI:Prison Ministry, Angel Tree, Mentoring and Adopt-A-Cop Nevada



provide Training

As a member of CCI you will be entitled to attend the free training courses on Leadership, critical thinking, stress management and grant writing.

Your 12-month membership includes:

  1. Admittance to CCI annual conference & networking events

  2. Participation in CCI members-only webinars

  3. Access to CCI’s email alerts and hot ticket events

  4. Opportunity to gain certification to CCI’s Security Requirements

  5. Leadership training courses

  6. Opportunity to participate in working groups and serve on committees

  7. Access to CCI monthly newsletters

  8. Social media advertisement:Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin