Qualifications for the award include:

  • Demonstrates leadership in a community-based program or in their field of expertise

  • Gives from the heart and has donated extensive hours to community service

  • Leads program(s) that add value to or improve the community

  • Displays excellent customer service and communication skills

  • Has a positive attitude and has shown tremendous leadership development

  • Is committed to bettering the lives of others through community activities and volunteering

  • Mentors others to help advance future leaders

  • Serves as a model of excellence in their profession and is poised to accomplish more

  • 10 or more people in the community can attest to their valuable community service


Award categories for Community Leadership Awards. 

  • Community Police Officer

  • Community Adopt-A-Cop Nevada Prayer Partner

  • Community Chaplain

  • Community Volunteer

  • Community Mentor/Community Role Model

  • Community Business Owner

  • Community Church Leader (Pastor, Bishop, Minister, Deacon)

Important Information

A person may only be nominated for one of seven award categories and they must not have been a previous recipient of the same award.

Community Leadership Award recipients are selected by a committee of community workers, business owners, and advisory board members.

Nominations and supporting letters must be postmarked by November 1 of each year and mailed to Community Connect, Inc., PO Box 621703, Las Vegas NV 89162.

Community Leadership Awards are presented at the Community Connect, Inc., Toy Drive and Community Leadership Award event held each year at the beginning of December (December 1, 2018).